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Autumn/winter bedding plants

We have our usual excellent range of pansies and violas.  Some violas are naturally winter flowers but pansies (Viola x wittrockiana (Deltini rose pink pansy) have been hybridised with other viola species to gain this characteristic.  The Panola range is particularly good: the flowers are not as large as some varieties but are borne in good number all winter.
We often get asked the difference between pansies and violas – actually, they are all violas, as are violets. Pansies are basically viola wittrockiana, but modern varieties have been cross-bred with other kinds of viola to get the huge range of colours and flower forms now available.  Did you know the name pansy is from the French word “pensée”, meaning thought or remembrance?
The cyclamen bench is looking wonderful; they are a hardy variety and will be perfectly happy outdoors or in a cool room inside. Deadheading is worthwhile and easy – twist and pull.  We also have the species Cyclamen hederifolium for naturalising.  
Pots of wallflowers are available as usual, but no white or bronze this year because there was no seed to be had.  We have shorter varieties: Bloomsby Baby mixed Sunset Apricot F₁ Sunset Orange F₁ Sunset Primrose F₁ Sunset Red F₁ Sunset Yellow F₁ And the slightly taller Vulcan (crimson red) Persian Carpet mixed
Bedding Packs Bellis (double daisies) Sweet William Canterbury Bells Myosotis (Forget-me-not) Foxgloves (the image below is from a May photo) Cineraria

And a wide range of hardy ferns, grasses, thymes, and conifers suitable for tubs and baskets
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