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Plant Passports and New Plant List

Plant Passports

Passports are labels attached to the plants giving details of Genus, species, country (s) of origin and registering Nursery and the new passporting regulations have recently come into force. This is an attempt to stop the transmission of dangerous pests and diseases, particularly across national frontiers.  If you want to know all the technical details, there is a good article in the January of the RHS magazine “The Garden”.

The regulations will not affect us too badly because homegrown plants offered for retail sale do not have to have a passport label.  We are registered with APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) though, and the Nursery is regularly inspected so we can issue passports if necessary.  We do have a few customers who like to take plants to their properties abroad and in this case please ask us to make sure your purchases are properly labelled to avoid them being confiscated by Customs.


New Plant list available soon

We are busy stocktaking at the moment. The new catalogue will appear on the website in the next week or two.  This will list all the plants we have in stock together that are on the nursery waiting to be potted up.  Also, a few climbers which we expect to be having delivered later in the season.

If you are travelling any distances, it is always worth ringing to check availability.  01225 862 392.

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