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Magnificent Magnolias for our April Banner

Dahlias, Sonata, Casanova, Razzmuatazz

The seed rows of Dahlias are also excellent value, a lovely colour mix and many doubles and semi-doubles. By the end of the season, they will have made small tubers so you can lift and store any you like particularly.

There will be no tall white Cosmos this year due to seed failure.  None of the commercial seed companies had any.  We did buy some amateur seed, but it failed to germinate.  The poor quality of seed offered to amateur gardeners is one of our continual complaints. If it doesn’t come up, do please make a fuss; it is the only way to get things to improve.  There will be plenty of the medium height Sonata (we have sown extra white), the short Casanova and tall Razzmatazz mixed. 

Cosmos Sonata Mixed (Ball Colegrave)Cosmos Antiquity & Razzmatazz Ball ColegraveDahliaFreyasPasoDoble (thanks RHS)

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