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spring flowers from Downside

Cyclamen, Primroses and Christmas Roses

The Wallflowers and winter pansies whizzed out but there is still plenty of colour. The cyclamen are looking wonderful. They are tougher than they look and will grow outside very happily.  Indoors a cool room is usually recommended, but they seem to cope pretty well with heat provided you keep the atmosphere around them moist – raise the pot on a few pebbles and keep a little water in the saucer.  They are best watered from underneath.  If by chance you do let them dry out, tie the flowers upright before you water, otherwise, the flowers will set in their collapsed position.

The primroses are budding up nicely and starting to show a bit of colour.   There are also some lovely Christmas Roses.

And just a reminder about our article last winter about primula/primrose or polyanthus? /

Primula assorted coloursCyclamen bench at Downside Nurseries 890


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