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New arrivals – climbers: Actinidia pilosula and Akebia quinata – chocolate vine

We are always trying to increase the range of plants we offer; here are some interesting new arrivals:-


Actinidia  pilosula– similar to the familiar Actinidia kolomikta, but white variegated only – no pink – very smart. Hardy in average winter, deciduous, scented flowers and happy in partial shade – height to 5m

Akebia quinata – chocolate vine. We usually have this exotic looking but hardy climber in stock but it has been hard to find this year; we have plenty now.   It is a climber with bright green leaves composed of five elliptic or obovate leaflets notched at the tips. Fragrant reddish-purple flowers, sometimes followed by purple fruits up to 10cm in length. Ultimate height 8-12m and spread wider than 8m in 5-10 years. Moist but well-drained soil.  Semi-evergreen and a hardiness score of H6, Image thanks to RHS.

Posted 14 O tober 2017.   Here’s a link to the plant list on our website that was posted at the beginning of the season

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