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A lovely selection of Winter Flowers from Downside Nurseries

Old Green Gage from Pixy rootstock

Getting nice feedback is always a pleasure and very welcome.  This is from a customer in an email to Lorraine who wanted a greengage tree for her Dad:

“Sorry to have missed you yesterday, but just wanted to say thank you for the greengage tree – my father was delighted!  You and your staff keep a beautiful nursery.  And it fitted into his Fiat Panda”!
The greengage in question was an “Old Green Gage” – the original and by far the best.   The rootstock is Pixy so they will grow to 12-15ft.  There is still plenty of time to plant and in fact they appreciate some really cold weather.
We have more greengages on the nursery (as at 26 November) as well as plums and cherries, both standard and fan-trained.  But we only have very few espalier apples left, although still a few fan-trained.

Thanks to the RHS for this image of Prunus domestica ‘Oulins Gage’ from 2002.  We always have an issue for pictures of fruit trees as we sell them in the Autumn without fruit and generally don’t have any on the nursery when there would be fruit.  If you would like to send us some images of your Downside fruit trees with lots of fruit next year, please do so. Tell us when you planted it, and the variety. Thank you.

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