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New fruit varieties at Downside Nurseries

We have some new fruit varieties at Downside Nurseries this season:

  • Miracot is an apricot/Mirabelle cherry (plum) cross. It looks very promising. We have some standard trees.
  • Raspberry Black Jewel –  a new black variety which gets the thumbs up from ‘Gardening Which’
  • Raspberry Ruby Beauty – which has been specially bred for growing in containers;  ‘Ruby Beauty’ grows just 90cm (3ft) tall, has no thorns and usually needs no support. It branches repeatedly so, in spite of its dwarf height, can produce about 1.5kg (3lb 6oz) of raspberries from each plant, all with that classic raspberry flavour.  Image thanks to RHS.
  • Raspberry Polka – an autumn fruiting variety. A couple of years ago we planted a few canes to see how it compared with Autumn Bliss, especially whether it was as disease resistant.  We have been very pleased with it.  Attractive well-flavoured berries and it goes on cropping for a least a week later and no sign of any disease.

Available mid November.

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