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Spring colour in your garden

Still time to plant Digitalis (foxgloves) for glorious flowering in May and June; ditto Myostotis (Forget-me-Not)  (did you know the name comes from the Greek: “mouse’s ear”, after the leaf) ???   And beginning to look good in the garden this month are the Heuchera – if you have a stunning display, do send us photo, giving us permission to use it, with details of when you bought it from us and the variety and we’ll try to include in a future post on our posts.

Pulmonaria is another gem at this time of year and another great history to its name.   The scientific name Pulmonaria is derived from Latin pulmo (the lung). In the times of sympathetic magic, the spotted oval leaves of P. officinalis were thought to symbolize diseased, ulcerated lungs, and so were used to treat pulmonary infections. The common name in many languages also refers to lungs, as in English “lungwort” and German “Lungenkraut”. English colloquial names include Lungwort, Soldiers and Sailors, Spotted dog, Joseph and Mary, Jerusalem Cowslip, Bethlehem Sage.  (this taken from WIKI).

Brunnera is another favourite in early Spring – invaluable groundcover with attractive foliage, good in both borders and containers.

Don’t open your seed packets yet – too early to plant out.

Watch out for both our new plant list to be loaded onto the website very soon, and there will be some new varieties of herbaceous to follow as well.